Skill training - 13th August

Skill training - 13th August: Under the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, the central government has urged people to hoist the tricolour in their homes from August 13 to 15 to participate in the celebration of 75 years of India's Independence – Amrit Mahotsav. Ashalaya Skill training centres, on 13th August, in the presence of Project Manager Sr. Sushma Sebastian, Director Sr. Bindu Jose and have opened the Har Ghar Tiranga. The building premises had been decorated and coloured with tricolours to show respect to 75 years of freedom to India as the nation has enjoyed it. The chief Guest Sr Sushma had urged the students to keep the Har Ghar Tiranga in their own families and to remember the great leaders of the nation with respect in our heart and to practise the values they set before us as we remain proud citizens of our country.