Formation of the Poor Handmaids religious life is a developmental process. It is concerned with the developmental process. It is concerned with the internalization and the integration of Christian life of faith, with the individual’s own spiritual, emotional, cultural and apostolic life. The heart and centre of formation is the living Spirit of Christ active in each individual and in community of Faith.

The main task of Religious Formation is to lead the individual sisters to recognize and nurture her particular gifts and to provide conditions and experiences for personal growth. The main thrust of any programme is to foster and nourish the spiritual and emotional maturing process, the intellectual, moral and cultural development, and the spirit of apostolic zeal and service.

As religious life has started with the impulse of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit is the principal agent of formation. The formators are co –responsible with the formees in the process of formation. It is the Holy Spirit who initiates and who continues to have the leading role in formation.

Stages of Formation