Class on History of the Congregation and Life of St. Katharina Kasper our Foundress by Sr. Christeta

We had refreshment course from Sr. Christeta PHJC from Maria Hilf Province Germany, on world and church history that influenced the origin and development of Congregations and Orders in general and the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in Particular.

The course was conducted in three batches
November 9-13, 2019, first Group: Sisters who are professed from 1966 – 1976
November 15 – 19, second Group: Sisters who are professed from 1977 – 2002
November 21 – 25, third Group: Sisters who are professed from 2003 – 2018

The course throw light on how the history of the world and Church were intertwined and gave birth to Religious Orders and Congregation responding to the needs of the time.

The existence of various models of life in a variety of orders, from autonomous monasteries to centrally directed communities, made the spread of religious orders and the establishment of an organisational network that transcended national and linguistic borders possible. A high degree of flexibility in the orders' three main areas (missionary work, pastoral care, education and health) enabled them to survive periods in which their activities were constrained.

We were reminded that God in His sovereignty ensures against all odds, against all kinds of opposition, rejection, and persecution, allows the “message of Christ” to be proclaimed faithfully in every generation. 

The study of the growth and development of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ, life of St. Katarina Kasper and her core values urge us to be credible witness to our charism and spirituality and to live with an attitude of gratitude. It also invites us to be attentive to the prompting of the spirit within and respond to the needs of time with courageous heart. St. Katharina was a missionary, visionary, humble and courageous handmaid who dared to risk her life for Jesus trusting in God’s providence. We too are invited to do the same.

Sr. Christeta left for Germany on 27 th November. We are truly grateful to our sisters in Maria Hilf Province, Germany for availing her service for us.