GPPR 2018

The General, Provincial and Pro Regional leadership meeting of our Congregation was held in Dernbach, Germany from September 24 - 30, 2018 with the theme, “I am the Door.” There were around 50 members representing from six Provinces and four Pro Regions. Sr. Gonzalo, the General Superior, welcomed the gathering and officially opened the session.

Points from her talk included, “The GPPR meeting is challenging us as today’s pioneering women to see with new eyes, to explore with new hearts and to look for new possibilities as PHJC’s in future. The call to religious life today is a great challenge; it places new demands on us. It will require from us that we let go of familiar patterns and ways of being comfortable and courageously move on to the future fearlessly.”

Fr. Erick Riechers, was the facilitator for the meeting. Through Bibiliodrama he enlightened the members on the following themes: Reconciling Diversity, Social Justice, The Spirituality of Listening, and passing the Torch.