During the time of temporary profession, the sister experience and grows more deeply in her religious commitment. The sisters further integrate her spiritual life and ministry with duties and responsibilities of community living. Mutual discernment, with the support of the congregation, takes places as to whether she is called to make her perpetual profession.

Prior to the perpetual profession the sisters enters into tertianship a six to nine months preparation for final commitment. This includes a process of prayer and deep reflection in order to integrate all the lived experiences. The major superior admits the Sister to final vows.

To continue her personal growth in the areas those are necessary and reach the level of spiritual and human maturity for stability in religious life.
To mutually discern with the congregation final profession of vows.
To live a deeper understanding of her vows in reality and truth so that her response to the call of Christ may be generous and sincere.
To deepen the spirituality and charism of PHJC.
To awaken more local and global consciousness and social aspects of religious life and the church.
To deepen one’s own cultural and poor Handmaids international awareness.
To integrate life and ministry.
To be response members in local communities.