To discover whether the postulant can live responsibly in a religious community setting, can identify with the charism of our congregation and can participate in apostolic service.

To deepen her relationship with Trinity
To grow in sensitivity to God’s action in people and realities of daily life.
To grow in freedom in relationship to God, self and others
To integrate personal strength and weakness into a positive self-image
To grow in the responsibility and accountability of community living
To appreciate and to sense a relationship to the congregational charism and apostolate
To develop an awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of the universal church in society and to those needs responded to by the Poor Handmaids through active participation in the ministries of the area. To come to mutually discerned decision regarding reception into the novitiate

With the postulant directress, the postulant discerns if she can identify with the spirituality, the mission and the ministries of the congregation. The duration of the postulancy is nine months. At present, the postulancy is located in Seva Nilaya, 38/4 Davis Road, Bangalore – 84