Promise ceremony on 1st September 2019

At 7am on 1st September 2019, the fourth group of associate candidates made their promise. Mrs Amita Sima,Mrs Ann Priya Pinto,Mrs Dolly Veronica and Mrs Gila Pereira were privileged to become associate members of the PHJC community, Bangalore.

The promise ceremony was held in the chapel in Seva Nilaya on Davis Road. The Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Luis with Fr Mariano as the concelebrant. The ceremony was truly sacred and inspiring. The angelic voice of the choir made it extra special. After the Gospel reading, each candidate made their promise in the presence of Sr. Flora, the Provincial Superior. Many family members and associate members were present.

This was followed by a photo session and delicious breakfast prepared by Sr. Teresa and the community members. It was truly, a blessed experience for the new members. Mrs Gila Pereira, on behalf of the new members thanked all for their part in this program.